Review: Natasha Beauty Skin Perfect Tinted Mattifier

How important is a makeup base? The makeup base will make your makeup last. The foundation will hold on to the makeup base instead of your skin. So, it acts as a barrier from your skin to the first layer of foundation (or concealer, whichever comes first). This is especially important for people who have sensitive and oily skin. Normally, the foundation will wear off if your skin starts to produce oil like crazy and sweat like a pig. (Yes, damn this country for being too darn hot.) This is why you have to own a makeup base that fits the needs of your skin.

Girls, the search for my perfect makeup base is finished. I never thought what I had been looking for is just right here in our country. For months, I’ve been looking for a makeup base that fits my combination, morena skin. And above all, a product that really works despite the crazy weather conditions of Philippines. Introducing Skin Perfect Tinted Mattifier from Natasha Beauty. The first time I used it, I instantly fell in love.

Natasha Beauty Skin Perfect Tinted Mattifier

The product is indeed a YAY for the following reasons:

1. It evens out my skin considering it only has 1 shade. According to the product description, one shade fits all. And it’s true then. My sister has a different complexion than mine and the product worked the same magic on her. I also used it during photo shoots.

2. It has a matte finish, leaving your skin feeling smooth and silky. I really hate the oily finish several makeup bases give.

3. The amazing ability to tone down angry veins and larger than life pores.

4. It is cheap. P650 for one tube. If I will use a product every day, it has to be very affordable. The type that if ever it runs out, I wouldn’t hesitate to horde.  From my estimation, one tube can last up to months of use, 2 to 3 months.

And the NAY part? Well, the product isn’t available in malls. You have to go the nearest Natasha branch in order to purchase it. That, or order it from a Natasha dealer.

Here are some raw photos for demonstration purposes:

Without the makeup base

As you can see, the green veins are visible. Yeah, I have hands like that of a grandma.

One tiny dot of Skin Perfect Tinted Mattifier

After product application

See, less visible angry green veins and smoother finish.🙂

The verdict? I can see myself using this product for the rest of the year. And next year, too.


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