Professional Make Up Brush Cleaner by Angelo Falconi

Professional Make Up Brush Cleaner by Angelo Falconi III

Before my discovery of the above lovely products, I had been using the water+anti-bacterial dish washing liquid+coconut oil method in cleaning my brushes. It cleans thoroughly yet drying time takes 1-2 days. As you know waiting is painful.

Ate Mae Ann introduced me to Angelo Falconi’s brush cleaners sometime last July, during Abreeza’s Bridal Fair. I was there to show some love and support to Luxelab Make Up Artistry. In return, the girls (Tiny and Mae Ann) presented their new discovery to me.

Each bottle is different. The one with a spray nozzle (left bottle) is for brushes dipped in powders. The bottle on the right (minus the spray nozzle, I don’t know what you call that kind of opening) has stronger potency so it is for brushes soaked with creams and liquids.

Here, allow me to demonstrate.

Using the brush cleaner extra strength in cleaning the lip brush

That lip brush was used in my recent wedding makeup gig. Creams and liquids are stubborn to remove. This is the reason why extra potency is needed for cleaning brushes doused in such. The power of the brush cleaner is just amazing because you can really see right before your eyes the dirty liquids and creams all hammered in your brush wearing off.

brush cleaner regular strength for cleaning the medium eye shadow brush

Eye shadow brushes, powder brush, blush brush, contour brush and the likes are usually used for picking up powders. This type of makeup can be easily removed. That is why the brush cleaner used is the one with the regular strength only.


1. Shake both bottle before using. I mean it, shake very well.

2. Pour small amount in a bowl or jar. It has to be made of glass. Have one bowl for the extra strength and another for the regular strength.

3. Swirl the brush part, just that part, until clean. Never dip a brush above the bristle area. Do that and you will decrease the lifespan of your brushes.

4. Dry the brushes using a tissue, paper towels or terry cloth. Whenever I mention tissue, I refer to the non-feeble types. I know you get my drift.🙂

5. Let it dry for a few minutes.

Special direction: For big brushes, just spray the brush cleaner with regular strength (the spray nozzle one, of course) then sweep back and forth in a tissue or paper towel.

Boy, it really dries fast. I no longer have to wait for days before my brushes dry up. I can even use it in during consecutive make up application, cleaning the foundation brush in between clients. The finish smell is kinda minty-ish. It may come as too strong for some noses but not for me. I love the aromatic, minty smell of my brushes afterwards.

As a makeup artist, I have to emphasize the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes every after using it. Not only a flawless make up application is of great value, but hygiene should be outstanding, too. Really, you don’t want your client to catch a fungal infection, do you? When a makeup artist brings in filthy, smelly brushes to the set/studio, better tell her to leave. Uh oh, that is simply unglamorous. And disgusting, really.

I was told by Mr. Falconi himself that the products are only available in the salon Hair Studio at Gaisano Mall and SM City. By the way, he’s the chief make up artist in Hair Studio. Each bottle costs P400.

2 thoughts on “Professional Make Up Brush Cleaner by Angelo Falconi

  1. HI Meloi! Just wanted you to know that the Brush cleaners now have its new Price. The introductory price ended already. Regular strength/ Spray is now 480 and the Extra Strength is 450.🙂


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