Coolest wedding, so far

Last week, I went to Midsayap with friend and fellow make up artist Carmen Smith for a wedding. Midsayap is approximately 4 hours away from Davao City. So even though the wedding’s on a Friday, we traveled the night before. Because it says in our itinerary: makeup starts at 8am. (We can’t possibly risk leaving the city early morning, right?) A road construction in Bansalan stretched the 4 to 6 hours of travel. Sweet.

It was my first time in Midsayap. Quaint, silent place. Very, very silent. I can’t see myself living in the place primarily because I have issues with safety. Before reaching Midsayap, you will pass by Kidapawan. There’s a certain critical road in that place that is being propagated with rebels. That’s what I heard from my fellow travelers in the van. Anyway, enough with this.

Everyone was fantastic. The couple was seriously accommodating. The bride, Katherine, kept asking us every 5 minutes is there something else we need. Carmen and I had to brush her off and tell her to relax. After all, big day’s tomorrow. It is a sin to tire the bride out. Though in real life, we know that brides simply refuse to sit still and would prefer to gawk hours before the wedding.

Olright, that meh in action. Kinda busy. She's getting married next year.

Carmen during work

The exhausting part was the make up, naturally. We started at 8am, right after breakfast and finished at 1:30pm. I did 6 adults for hair and makeup, 2 adults for hair styling only and 3 little girls, both hair and make up. Carmen did 5 adults from the entourage, the bride, 2 for make up only and 2 flower girls. Yeah, that’s 1+13+5. Do the math. Tedious, yes, but when you love your craft, you simply never mind the irksome part. In fact, you loved it. Every part of it.

The entire team of the wedding🙂

2 friendly girls from the entourage

The church made me speechless. Medium-sized, obviously freshly painted and downright beautiful. I don’t mind converting to Protestantism just so I can get marry in that beautiful church. My only problem with church wedding is you find yourself sitting side by side with people not included in the ceremony. Common, weddings are a private affair. If you are not invited, then don’t show up. You can talk to God some other time, when it’s church time or when the church is not being rented for special occasions such as wedding or baptismal. I just find it disrespectful, that’s all.

Well, if I found the church lovely, the reception was breathtaking. I kid you not. It was held on an adventure park and resort, at the top part, inside the swimming pool area. Who knew that silent, little Midsayap has hidden such an exquisite, romantic place? Carmen and I surely did enjoy the stay.

Then it rained hard one a half hours later. In every weddings, I am looking forward most in meeting The Couple. I like to compare them and contrast their personalities (based on what I observe in, uhm, 5 hours or so.) At first glance, the couple seemed to be a quiet, serious one. The bride doing most of the communication to us, the groom just content in nodding, smiling and accompanying her. To my utter disbelief, the couple dove into the rain then to the swimming pool, posing for the all cameras present, DSLR or not. The rain mopped the entire reception to a halt and everyone went searching  for a shelter. But the couple braved the angry rain and made most of their wedding. The bouquet tossing was even done in the pool.

the flash, lol.

When faced with tremendous amount of work ahead, makeup routine is cut short to 5 minutes. I just swipe on some colorful eye liner, purple being my favorite (from Natasha) and a red lipstick (new, from Shiseido).

big, fatty face. :p

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