On why the owner of this blog has gone MIA

(Not that I owe anyone an explanation. But make up is one thing I love and writing is officially my first boyfriend. So this ramble is for my blog and to the three or four readers who take their time to visit it.)

I am 22 weeks pregnant. Isn’t that a shocker? By the time I semi-abandoned my blog, I was on my first trimester. And boy, let me tell you about this stage– I did not have any fun at all. I was nauseous and vomiting all the time. I couldn’t get myself a decent breakfast and dinner because both ended up in the toilet bowl flushed to death. I was tired and sleepy all the time. Even with little activities such as reading a book or taking a shower left me with the tiniest drop of energy. I was irritated all the time. So with all the craziness I experience, how can I focus to do make up gigs and write about it? I was happy that I am a mommy to be, no question about that. But the first trimester blues made me decide more than twice that this would be the first and last pregnancy I had to endure. I quit on my hospital training, seeing my friends and going out to see the sun and stars. I was strapped to my bed 80% on my first trimester. I just slept and concentrated on how to drive the nausea away during aroused moments. So there it goes, that is the story on why I stopped updating my blog and disappeared without a trace.

When the first trimester troubles died last January (around 2nd or 3rd week, but I still get occasional barfing), I immediately resumed my hearty lifestyle. Well, not really because I had decided to slow down. I got another stint in the hospital (this time I am being paid, ha!), participated again in make up-related actions and stopped getting miffed altogether. Before I turn this post to a mini-novella, maybe I can start my own mummy blog? Good idea but maybe I have to channel my newly buffed up energy in updating this blog more.🙂

I leave this post with these photos of Janelle Tee, former Mutya ng Dabaw. This was her last photo shoot before she moved to Macau in October last year to work as an ambassadress. She’s really easy to work with, no need of major color applications. She just got her hair recently digitally permed at this time, so we saved time by doing just make up. Enjoy the photos!

Photo credits go to Ange Bersabal and Jun Tupas.

PS If you are wondering and I bet you are, I’m still very much with my boyfriend. He doesn’t like me sharing so much about our relationship. He’s a very private person, totally my opposite.

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