The French Maid

Meet Flor, my friend from college. She decided to follow her mother in Paris and pursue her studies there. It has been years the last time I saw her. But last May she was in town for a one week sweet vacation, yay! During dinner, she mentioned that she wants to be photographed. Tada, the shoot was scheduled 2 days after that.

I did her makeup, what else. Nothing dramatic, really. I used earth tones for her because of her complexion. Have you observed how lovely her color is? It’s all au naturel, no sun tanning. Sometimes, she disclosed to me, the French would think she’s their fellow French.

Enjoy the photos! Photos were taken by Marlon Advincula. You can see the rest of his works in his facebook page Marlon Advincula Photography.





 By the way, the photos above are raw. Awesome, isn’t it?

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